and IR detector modules for the spectral range 2-16 µm

DoroTEK, as a representative of VIGO System S.A. from Warsaw complete solutions for infrared radiation measurement. The program focuses on detectors for the spectral range of approx. 2 – 16 µm, which combine high sensitivity with extremely short time constants (<1 ns for some models). The photoresistors and photovoltaic detectors are available in uncooled and thermo-electrically cooled versions. For measurements of weak radiation, VIGO has developed a detector family with optical immersion, which received a special honor with the “Circle of Excellence Award” presented by Photonics Spectra. The detector program is completed by complete supply units (heat sinks, preamplifiers and controls for TE cooling). These complete units are optionally available as a laboratory configuration or as a miniaturized model for system integration.

Properties of the infrared detectors at a glance

  • The range of detectors covers a spectral range of approx. 2 – 16 µm.
  • The detectors are based on HgCdTe, InAs and InAsSb.
  • Operation at room temperature or with TE cooling (2, 3 or 4 stages)
  • Extremely fast: time constants < 1ns / bandwidths up to the GHz range
  • D* values of MWIR detectors in the theoretical limit range (BLIP detectors)
  • Noise reduction through the principle of optical immersion and antifringing technology
  • Single elements, quadrants and arrays (linear, bilinear)
The link takes you to an introduction or structure overview of the IR detector and standard range of accessories:
And here you can download the complete VIGO catalog (approx. 12 MB).

Uncooled Infrared Detectors

TE-Cooled Infrared Detectors

Quadrant Detectors and Arrays



Compact module