Accessory electronics and modules


The preamplifiers of VIGO System S.A. are divided into six types:

Series MIP :

Series SIP :

Series PIP :

Series AIP :

Series FIP :

In addition to the selection of the preamplifier type, the configuration AC or DC coupling and the bandwidth must also be specified for an order.

  • DC coupling : the bandwidth of the detector starts at 0 Hz, so that cw radiation can also be measured.
  • AC – coupling : the bandwidth of the detector starts at 10 Hz, 1 kHz or 10 kHz, depending on the bandwidth.

Bandwidth : Different bandwidths are offered. Please note that not every detector – preamplifier combination, i.e. every detector – bandwidth combination is possible.

Controls for TE cooling

The PTCC-01 cooler control is available in 3 versions

  • PTCC-01-OEM : Cooler control with detector supply, without housing with status LED display and status of data connector
  • PTCC-01-BAS : Cooler control with detector supply in housing with status LED display
  • PTCC-01-ADV : Cooler control with detector power supply in housing, with push-button control panel and LCD display.

The PTCC cooler control is compatible with the preamplifier types: MIP, SIP, PIP, FIP and QIP.

To control the programmable modules PIP preamplifier + PTCC cooler control, please install the Smart programme on your PC.

Download Smart Manager Manual  Manual Download Smart Manager Programm:    Programm smart.exe

Low-noise power supply PPS-03

Low-noise power supply PPS-03 front view

The low-noise power supply PPS-03 is designed for the operation of uncooled detectors integrated in the preamplifiers VIP, SIP or µIP. The module can also be used to supply the AIP preamplifier with integrated cooler control.  This allows the VIGO detector modules to be operated via 230 V AC.