Infrared - Detectors

and IR detector modules for the spectral range 2-16 µm

Infrared - Detectors in TO or BNC Housing

Infrared - Detector with 4-stage TE-Cooling

PEM - Detector, time constant approx. 0.2 ns

Explanation of the VIGO Infrared Detector Programme

According to the Materials used, the detectors are divided into two groups

  • HgCdTe detectors (often referred to in German as MCT detectors)
  • InAs and InAsSb detectors

According to the classification of the semiconductor elements in the periodic table, one also speaks of detectors made of II-VI semiconductors (Hg, Cd, Te) and III-V semiconductors (In, As, Sb).

According to the functional principle, IR detectors are basically divided into three groups

  • PV – Photovoltaic
  • PEM – Photoelectromagnetic
  • PC – Photo resistor (PC = photo conductor)

The infrared detectors are divided into two groups with regard to the type of cooling, the uncooled detectors and the detectors with a 2, 3 or 4-stage TE cooling (corresponding to the coding “2TE”, “3TE” or “4TE” in the detector designation).

In addition, the letters “M” and “I” are used in the detector designations.

  • M for multiple junction : A large number of serial p-n junctions increases the sensitivity of the detectors and enables larger detector areas for long-wave detectors in particular.
  • I for optical immersion : Optical immersion reduces the electrical area in relation to the optical area, thus significantly improving the noise behaviour of the detector.

Window selection

Uncooled detectors are delivered without a window as standard.

However, it is recommended to install a window in rough, dusty environments.

TE cooled detectors absolutely need a window to protect the detector from ice formation.

All windows have a 3° wedge to suppress interference.

ZnSe is AR coated, for sapphire it is an option. BaF2 windows remain without AR.

Uncooled IR detectors

Photovoltaic infrared detectors made of HgCdTe

Photoconductive infrared detectors made of HgCdTe

Photovoltaic infrared detectors made of InAs / InAsSb

Photoelectromagnetic infrared detectors made of HgCdTe

TE cooled IR Detectors

Photovoltaic infrared detectors made of HgCdTe

Photovoltaic infrared detectors made of InAs / InAsSb

Photoconductive Infrared Detectors made of HgCdTe

Selected Line = Configured IR detector modules (available from stock)

 Compact uncooled IR detector modules 

TE cooled flexible lab modules with programmable preamplifier

Universal modules with preamplifier and integrated TE cooling control