Infrared Detectors and Module

for the spectral range 2-16 µm

Technical background information

Gas Leak Detection via Infrared : 

Introduction to different metods    

  • TDLAS – Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
  • CRDS – Cavity Ring-down spectroscopy
  • CEAS – Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy

Applications in the medical field: 

In the article, IR detector-based analysis methods are related to concrete gases with their characteristic spectral lines.    Examples :

  • Human Breath Analysis
  • Liver Function Capacity Testing
  • Non-invasive in-vivo glucose sensing
  • Dentistry (Tooth Decay, Dental Surgery)

Plastics sorting : 

The article describes plastic sorting based on the FT-IR method in the 3-14 µm wavelength range using a 32 pixel linear array.

Optical Immersion Technology : 

VIGO uses optical immersion technology. This can reduce noise by a factor of 3.3, or even 10.9, depending on the lens shape (hemispherical or hyperhemispherical).

Anti-Fringing Solutions : 

The “fringing problem” (also called etalon effect) is well known, especially relevant when using tunable laser sources like QCLs. VIGO presents solutions to suppress this disturbing effect in the attached article.

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