Customized high precision Optical components
Optical assemblies

for the spectral ranges UV - VIS - IR

Optical Components​

In our optics plant in Warsaw (Solaris Optics S.A.) we have the complete technology for manufacturing optical components from optical glasses, quartz glasses and crystals including their coating by thin film technology.

The main focus of production is on precision and laser optics in the product areas of plano optics and spherical optics.  Shape accuracies of up to λ/10 and roughnesses of 0.2 nm can be achieved using classic polishing technologies.

Using MRF technology, Solaris Optics can produce flatnesses up to λ/40. Furthermore, with this method, aspherical surfaces can also be asphericalized.

We produce both individual optical components (with and without mounts) and complex assemblies, such as objectives, eyepieces, zoom optics, expanders, etc.).

The structure of our production has been designed in such a flexible way that we are able to produce single pieces at short notice as well as large quantities in continuous serial production. By combining this flexibility with our development capabilities, we are a partner for any product development requiring optical components, from the idea to series production.

Our presentation gives an overall view of our optics portfolio :

Optical Materials

Optical Lenses

Optical mirrors

Flat optics and wedge plates

Optical Prisms


Polarizers & Retardation Plates

Filters & Coatings

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