DoroTEK Gesellschaft für Systemtechnik mbH

ESA-Aktivitäten von Solaris Optics

 Research and Development Group of Solaris Optics is working on a high-level of art of optical engineering.

–  design and modeling of optical elements and complex systems, including coatings and mechanics
– design and development of specific optical characterization techniques, whenever the subject is beyond standard capabilities of               commercial measurement instrumentation
– technological and performance feasibility studies

Solaris Optics could take part sucesfully at  the following projects:

– Development of Light-Weight Super-Teleobjective for ESA in frame of Polish Industry Incentive Scheme programme (leader)
– Space Qualification of Optical Coatings for ESA in frame of Polish Industry Incentive Scheme programme (leader)
– ESA’s PROBA 3, where Solaris delivers optical filters (contractor)
– ESA’s Sentinel 5, to which Solaris delivers coated optical elements (including gradient filters) (contractor)