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Precision in optics

Sensitivity in infrared detection

Flexibility in laser marking

Infrared Detectors and IR-Modules

The main focus of the VIGO programme are IR detectors and complete modules for the spectral range of 2-16 µm, with a high sensitivity and extremely short response times. Photoresistors, photodiodes and PEM detectors are available, completed by preamplifiers and cooler controls, mechanical mounting aids and heat sinks. The infrared sensors are based on II-VI semiconductors (HgCdTe) and on III-V semiconductors (InAsSb). They are available as single elements, quadrants and linear or bilinear arrays.

Infrarot-Detektoren und Module von VIGO Photonics

In cooperation with our partner Solaris Optics S.A., we have the complete technology for the calculation, design and manufacture of optical components and assemblies, including their coating through thin-film technology, precise assembly and MRF correction. The spectrum includes plano optics (e.g. prisms, wedge and plano plates, mirrors, polarisers) and spherical optics (e.g. lenses, achromats, triplets, objectives, concave and convex mirrors).

We produce single components, small batches and as well series up to app. 10 k / year.

Laser Marking and Laser Engraving

DoroTEK has modern laser marking systems based on fibre lasers, Nd:YAG and CO2 lasers at its Strausberg site. Our laser engravings are a precise and aesthetically high-quality type of marking for industry and advertising. 

Example of marking contents : graphics, text, personalisation, coding iin clear  text, barcodes, 2D codes (e.g. data matrix)

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