All-in-one IR detection module for 3-5 µm from VIGO System

VIGO has introduced the smallest 3-5 µm IR detection module available on the market.
The module is targeted at the 3-5 µm spectral range. It is based on a multijunction InAsSb PV detector chip with a low noise transimpedance amplifier. The electrical bandwidth is in the range DC – 3 MHz. The power consumption is < 100 mW.
In addition to the classic TO-8 package version, TO-8 submounts are also available. For automated PCB production, VIGO provides an OEM configuration.
Important is the fact that VIGO is entering new price regions with this module. With an order volume of 1500 pieces, the price orientation is 120.00 EUR / piece.

Application areas for the detection module are MWIR spectroscopy, laser metrology or also the monitoring of industrial and laboratory processes, such as exhaust gas analysis, monitoring of chemical processes or also the temperature behaviour.

Available options : TO-8, submount TO-8 and the OEM configuration (PCB module).